Through the Domains Manager embedded in the Control Panel, you are able to control all of your domain names without trouble, from the very same place you manage your websites. Furthermore,’s Domains Manager is stuffed with all of the tools you need in order to effectively deal with every aspect of your domain names.

Numerous Domain Name

Manage Whois, name servers, custom DNS

Regardless how many domains you have, it’s possible to control each of them with only a mouse click via the Domains Manager! You are able to alter the WHOIS information, modify the name servers as well as integrate unique DNS records to as many domains as you would like from your Control Panel.

Using the Domains Manager, you’ll get direct access to the files of your domain names and will also be in a position to manage the incorporated email accounts at the same time. Also, you will be able to check the web stats for every one of your domain names. The bulk selection enables you to register and also renew numerous domain names at the same time.

Hepsia File Manager

DNS Records

Maintain all kinds of DNS records

Inside the Control Panel, you can get a solution to create all types of DNS records for your personal domain names. It is possible to direct your domains to outside servers through A or AAAA records, use third party mail servers by way of MX records, create domain re–direction with CNAME records, permit support for extra services together with TXT records, etc. It is easy to alter the set up DNS records and revert them to their defaulting values with only a click.

Beyond the customizable DNS records, you might also register name servers which can be depending on your web address. As a result your clients will find your brand, as a substitute for our generic name servers, should they complete a WHOIS search.

Hepsia File Manager