Inside the Control Panel, you can find a helpful tool which will allow you to use a brand new PHP framework within seconds. The Frameworks Installer tool completes the whole operation for you, and therefore negates the necessity to obtain, add and after that set up your framework before commencing any project. You shall be able to start your framework reliant task almost immediately, with minimal effort.

Different frameworks available

Start your online projects using a framework

In the Control Panel, it is also possible to install a well–known open–source PHP framework. We’ve prepared a choice of the most widespread frameworks which are available today on the www – CakePHP, Akelos, CodeIgniter, Zend, Prado, Zoop, and PHPDevShell. You are able to integrate every framework on any web site that is hosted within your hosting account.

Our PHP Framework Installer tool is available with all web hosting services which support the Control Panel – Linux web hosting, Linux VPS services,dedicated hosting services, and semi-dedicated hosting.

Various PHP frameworks available

1–click PHP framework setting up

Your personal PHP framework is just a mouse click away

The installation of a PHP framework can be difficult and sophisticated, considering that you must ensure you discover the most current stable version and possess expertise to configure it all on your own. Using the PHP Framework Installer, we aim to resolve this challenge. The Installer helps you set up a full PHP framework in just a minute, without having any additional setup mandatory.

We’ve made an effort to shorten the installation procedure as much as possible. All you need to do is inform the Installer precisely where you’d like your PHP framework to be installed and the intelligent system is going to do all the rest.

1-click PHP framework installation

1–click backup

The easiest method to back up a framework

In case you deal with crucial business details, it is best to always keep a backup of everything, particularly when there are a lot of adjustments made. Aided by the PHP Framework Installer, you could make a backup of your framework with a mouse click.’s system is going to produce the backup file and then upload it inside your account. We have not established any restriction on the quantity of backups you could make or on the period when you’re able to create them.

Apart from the manual backups you create, we run smart backups for all your web sites all the time. By doing this, we offer a well designed and secure backup solution for your business project data.

1-click backup