The network capacity of a web server determines how quickly your websites shall open and exactly how many people shall be able to visit them all at once. Of course, that isn't the only factor, but it is a rather significant one. On the one hand, regardless how optimized a certain site may be, bad connectivity would mean low loading speeds as well as service interruptions, especially if just one Internet provider is used to access the server. Alternatively, an excellent connection with lower capacity will allow just a small number of visitors to look through the Internet site all at once, while new visitors will have difficult experience loading any content. In this sense, the prosperity of your site depends not simply on the content, but also on the site’s accessibility and loading speed. These two factors are determined by the connection which the hosting server uses.

DirectAdmin with Unlimited Domains in Web Hosting

You will never face any problems with the access to any site hosted in a web hosting account on our sophisticated cloud platform. How fast your visitors shall be able to look through the particular site will depend completely on their Internet connection, since the data centers in which our servers are situated provide multi-gigabit connectivity and use reliable backbone providers to secure swift and continuous access to all the machines. The data centers also offer direct optical fiber connections to many large metropolitan areas in North America, Europe and Australia, so when you host your sites with us, you'll enjoy a superb Internet site loading speed from any location around the world. We use highly effective, high-quality network equipment to make sure that there shall not be delays of any kind whenever someone opens your Internet site.

DirectAdmin with Unlimited Domains in Semi-dedicated Hosting

The semi-dedicated hosting accounts which we provide are created within our hi-tech data center facility in downtown Chicago and if you want to host your Internet sites with us, you shall be able to take advantage of the multi-gigabit connection our hosting platform is using with no restrictions or speed shaping. To put it differently, your visitors will be able to surf your Internet sites as swiftly as their own connection lets them. Our facility represents a terrific option to reach the huge North American market, as it offers fiber connections to both the East Coast and the West Coast. Continuous access to your sites is ensured by a redundant network that addresses the incoming and the outgoing site traffic plus the connectivity between the clusters that build up our platform. On top of that, the data center uses dedicated channels from several of the major backbone providers within the USA, so you may be sure that no infrastructural issue shall ever disturb the proper functioning of your sites.